Anyone who asks what forms the basis of fossil coal, reply uglerod.No there are still elements of the impurities, which few people know. At an exhibition of my work I often ask: "I think this piece of coal so shiny you polish it so wash???" My presentation at the international conference "Modern technologies and features Doba and processing of natural stone." 24-25.11.2016g., Aroused great interest among graduate students and report Ikov. I gave a lot of coal samples with impurities of pyrite and white quartz, and jewelry with carbon inserts, which can be seen in hands and really make sure that it is the germanium content in the anthracite coal attaches from the Donetsk region luster. Own germanium minerals are found only rarely. A physical and chemical properties of germanium have been predicted in 1871. Mendeleev through open their periodic law.
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