Franz Birbaum, chief master and chief artist of the Faberge firm (from 1872-1947). And I became a Knight of the Order of the Memorial Fund of K. Faberge in 2016.

And here is my order "master master". Catologue "The Life of Remarkable Jewelers" 1846-2016. Dedicated to the 170th anniversary of the birth of Charles Faberge (1846-1920).

A Practical Guide.

This book was translated from English Verviers and published in Russian. to a stone from a variety of other minerals could be called precious, it should be transparent, hard enough and rare enough .Vklyucheniya precious kamnyah- is part of nature. But for 10 years the tendency to natural diamonds usovershensvovaniyu proiskhozhdeniya..I this book teaches the assessment of a diamond: its color and quality characteristics. And also, reveals the secrets of diamond cutting and synthetic analogues.
The book is recommended for the course participants, the sellers of jewelry stores and a wide range of readers.
Perfect gift for all those who do not want to be deceived.


Coal anthracite, light, living moss.

Transformation - a remarkable awareness of the process, that man creates his own life. So I continue to appreciate your life, even more than before, not even in the apartment, not in my bed, I continue to create an artistic image of my time. Visually convert coal into energy of life. Recall that coal - the most ancient source of energy that formed millions of years of peat (organic material). A conversion of peat into coal takes place in the bowels of mother earth, under the influence of high temperature and pressure.

Here, then peat goes through various degrees of transformation. Thus, the formation of a variety of coal: peat or anthracite. I was attracted to the embers of its luster, strength of bristly and sparkling inclusions of quartz and pyrite. By the way, geologists refer to such changes in the stages of metamorphism of coals (from grech.metamorphoomai-conversion).

The world appeared through conversion.

It was difficult, but our committee looked every job and ....Winner's reward ceremony. I congratulate the organizers and all the participants.


Jewelry eclectic, extravagant and elegant classicsin combination with the fashionable colors of gold and gems, you will hear about it and see the seminar.Come 11/13/15 of 14.00 and be in the trend of fashion jewelry 2016.


"Canned MEMORY"
Ready to be exhibited

Natural stones for many years - he has a memory!
Knowledge sent to the memory help us to live.


Art project "Colours Zhittya", 3-13 September 2015 g.g.Kiev.

Exhibited installation "Colors of Life" are flowers by Tatiana of coal - lily of the valley, wild tulip, gladiolus, roza.Prevoskhodno!

Tatiana Kaljuzhnaja plays of light, creative string. It is a virtuoso of natural fossil fuels with amazing inclusions of various precious stones. Each of its decoration - creative idea ....


Coal grade anthracite


"Tormozok miner tormozok metallurgist tormozok farmer, logger tormozok"


Ukrainian creative festival in April 2012., Donetsk.

National Forum "DONKULT - Mystetskyi Nadra", the museum "Spiritual Treasures of Ukraine" 22.10. - 11.11.2014g. Kiev.

"Steps assessment jewelry ukrasheniy.Shedevry and klassika.Minimum and a maximum of"

Everything you need to know about their products in caskets! Thank you!

This year, in May 2015 at the All-Ukrainian contest of sketches for the best jewelry design, was presented twice more sketches than in the past! Keep it up! Be creative! We, the competitive commission carefully and thoroughly evaluate each job and encourage all manufacturers !!!!

Within the framework of the international exhibition
Contest jewelry designs, I decided to conduct a video lesson
how to draw a sketch for the competition!


Jeweller designer and expert gemologist Tatyana Kaljuzhnaja brought to life metaphor that coal - black gold is by connecting it to the jewelry with diamonds and precious metals.

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Donetsk jeweler Tatyana Kaljuzhnaja developed an unusual technique of working with charcoal, because it is not up to one jeweler has not yet used this material in jewelry.

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Unique article. Tatiana Kaljuzhnaja reveals little secrets of the world of jewelry. A lot of useful and interesting information.

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