Coal anthracite, light, living moss.

Transformation - a remarkable awareness of the process, that man creates his own life. So I continue to appreciate your life, even more than before, not even in the apartment, not in my bed, I continue to create an artistic image of my time. Visually convert coal into energy of life. Recall that coal - the most ancient source of energy that formed millions of years of peat (organic material). A conversion of peat into coal takes place in the bowels of mother earth, under the influence of high temperature and pressure.

Here, then peat goes through various degrees of transformation. Thus, the formation of a variety of coal: peat or anthracite. I was attracted to the embers of its luster, strength of bristly and sparkling inclusions of quartz and pyrite. By the way, geologists refer to such changes in the stages of metamorphism of coals (from grech.metamorphoomai-conversion).

The world appeared through conversion.

©2016, Tetyana Kalyuzhna