Tetyana Kalyuzhna

The jeweler-designer, expert gemologist, a member of the Union of Designers of Ukraine.

I appreciate the fact that nature does not copy, because, in the woods you will not find exactly the same leaves and try to apply this ability in their work.

So how I was born and live in a mining region, to find a lot of interesting heaps of stones is a shiny charcoal with different breeds. Analyzing their form, details of faces, color, weight ... I draw a sketch of the future product, like a stone leads my hand ...

Nature produces these stones, which on one hand gives us light and heat, and on the other hand ... want us to be admired for their beauty.

His works want to show to all mankind, that Nature needs ... to get a close relationship with us, and do not dissolve in the modern cycle.

Tatyana Kalyuzhny working towards "contemporary art", which contributes to the emergence of innovations in jewelry creation. To create and expand the aesthetics of this unique material, such as coal, patented method of making jewelry with carbon in platinum, gold and silver.

Tatiana V., surprisingly, combines coal, as an art object with diamonds.

It is the only organizer of the photo-catalog of rare coal samples, under the brand name "Golden Donbass Coal" - Golden Donbass Coal.


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